About Aletheia

Who We Are

The Aletheia Conscience Project was created to provide an opportunity for people invested in ethical health care to discover what conscience is, and how it can be used for ethical decision making in health care practice.

Research related to conscience empowers health care professionals to understand what their conscience is and how to use it to make ethical health care decisions. ACP researchers are invested in this project because we recognize that bioethics is about health care professionals doing what is right for patients, as well as themselves.

The ACP was created with the understanding that everyone desires to be seen, heard and understood in the context of bioethics and health care practice. In recognition of this, the ACP team generates new knowledge to support health care stakeholders to make conscientious decisions for patients and themselves. With this knowledge, we support ethical health care practice through transparent conversations about conscience across all levels of health care.

The Founder

Dr. Christina Lamb is the principal investigator for the ACP. With a PhD in Nursing, Dr. Lamb is also a Bioethicist. She has extensive experience in health care practice with clinical bioethics expertise. She is the creator of the Aletheia Conscience Project.


The Founder

Dr.Lamb is the principal investigator for the ACP. A Registered Nurses and Bioethicist with a Doctorate in Philosophy of Nursing, Dr. Lamb has an extensive background in nursing practice and bioethics. She is the creator of the Aletheia Conscience Project.

Our Research Team

Researchers with the Aletheia Conscience Project are made up of research assistants and collaborators as well as health care stakeholders that support conscience in health care practice. The team exists because Dr. Lamb’s initial research project ‘Exploring the Lived Experience of Conscientious Objection for Registered Nurses’ involved nurse participants who courageously used their voice to speak about their lived experiences of conscience-related issues in practice. The ACP is dedicated to these nurses and the patients they serve.


ACP Advisory Board

The ACP is supported by an international advisory board who offer inter-disciplinary expertise to Dr. Lamb’s research projects. Members of the advisory board include:

Dr. Ken KirkWood

Dr. Ken Kirkwood

Associate Professor and Ethicist at Western University
Dr. Elizabeth Peter

Dr. Elizabeth Peter

Professor of Nursing, University of Toronto
Dr. Sandra deLuca

Dr. Sandra DeLuca

Associate Dean of Nursing, Fanshawe College
Adjunct Associate Professor at Western University School of Nursing
Dr. David Oderberg

Dr. David Oderberg

Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading, UK
Mr. Albertos Polizogopoulos, J.D.

Mr. Albertos Polizogopoulos

Constitutional Lawyer
Mr. Brian Bird, J.D.

Dr. Brian Bird, PhD, J.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University